About Surrey Pet Angels

Surrey Pet Angels is a professional dog walking and holiday pet care company, based in Surbiton and established in 2010. Surrey Pet Angels is run by myself, Patrice Holmes.  

When going away on holiday, I never felt happy about locking our 3 cats up in a confined cattery cage. It was for this reason I knew there was a need for a holiday pet care service that would allow cats to remain in the comfort of their own territory – at home.

Having worked in central London, I was also acutely aware of the long working hours and commuting time of professionals and how this is at odds with providing exercise and fun for our dogs.

So I left a management role in The City held for many years and decided to give up the soul-less corporate existence to follow the dream of caring for animals.

Surrey Pet Angels will give your dog all the exercise it needs when you are at work so you can come home to a tired but contented pet. We will also care for your cat while you are on holiday.

Surrey Pet Angels will care for your pet when you can’t.

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